Batesville, Indiana


Let me tell you about a great place to live, not just because there is virtually no violent crime and not because it is centrally located. Only 40 minutes outside of Cincinnati, OH, 55 minutes from Indianapolis, IN, and just over an hour from Louisville, KY. I beleive 80% of the Population of the US is within a ten hour drive from here.

It's a great place to live because Batesville is a Pontiac town!  Our annual car show attracts 120 cars to our clean downtown, and over 30 of them are Pontiacs every year!  You could count the number of Mustangs and Camaros on one hand!  For a town of only 6,000 people, the Pontiac community is very large.  Not that I dislike other cars or their owners, I certainly do not, it's just that Pontiacs are my favorite and we have many like-minded people around here.  Every Wednesday, the guys come out to my shop for some bench racing.  

We had a large contingent of helpers show up at the Co-Vention in Dayton OH. So large that we earned the nick-name "The Batesville Boys"! It was flattering to be mentioned in the national event coverage! This led directly to the formation of a Chapter in both the GTOAA and the POCI. Based in Batesville the POSI (Pontiacs Of Southeast In) Chapters are strong and growing!  


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Batesville, IN  47006

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